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YGS Association Solutions Heads to the 2024 MMC+Tech Conference

By Cambria Bailey | May 20, 2024

YGS Association Solutions will be attending ASAE’s MMC+Tech Conference May 30–31 in Washington, D.C. This event is the place for association professionals to get the latest tools needed to move forward in the worlds of marcomm, membership, and technology. We’re attending because this focused conference is the premier industry event that aligns with the core services that our teams provide to associations. We’re exhibiting to share our knowledge from working with hundreds of associations to achieve their goals.

Not attending but looking for guidance to achieve your member communication, marketing, and non-dues revenue goals? Connect with us to start a conversation.

Visit Us at Booth 78 During ASAE’s MMC+Tech Conference

Carmen Lamb, SVP, YGS Association Solutions

Learning Lab I’m most interested in attending:

2023 Association Survey results for Association Professionals

Carmen: I oversee the YGS teams supporting all of our services to associations, so I need to look at the solutions we’re providing holistically to ensure our editorial, design, non-dues revenue, event, technology, and marketing teams are mindful of how what they do individually impacts or contributes to the goals of our solutions as a whole.

Delivering engaging content to members that demonstrates the value of membership is great, but if we’re not including opportunities for industry thought leaders to advertise or incorporate sponsored content, the association is missing out on non-dues revenue potential. If your event programming keeps attendees coming back year after year but you aren’t thinking of how to leverage that content to an audience that didn’t attend the event, the association is overlooking opportunities to repurpose that valuable content throughout the year and reach an expanded audience.

The ASAE Association Survey results often help provide data to support implementation of these repurposing strategies to achieve goals across your organization.

Craig Lauer, VP, Member Communications

Learning Lab I’m most interested in attending:

Helping Your Content Thrive with a Digital Council

Craig: Executing a content strategy that multi-purposes content in a variety of print and digital formats is a conversation we’re having—and delivering on—with many of our clients. The most successful executions involve an ongoing partnership that embraces the evolution of tactics as we learn from data to deliver essential guidance, industry news, and thought leadership to members. YGS’s design, content, and digital experts truly become an extension of an association’s team to help them create and deliver integrated communications to members across channels to meet their diverse needs. 

Connect with us at ASAE’s MMC+Tech Conference. Not attending?  Use the form to start a conversation.

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