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A Strong, Rewarding Accolade Program

By ygsadmin | April 28, 2020

Following a thorough analysis, we launched several award programs for PEOPLE, including the Beauty Awards and Companies That Care. We also revamped its overall accolade licensing strategy, connecting with honorees through multiple channels to garner maximum results.


PEOPLE is a cultural force, reaching 1 in 3 adult consumers, 1 in 2 moms, and more affluent adults than any other magazine. From red carpet to retail, PEOPLE provides unparalleled access to consumers and tastemakers. So, PEOPLE turned to YGS for new ideas and best practices for leveraging PEOPLE’s unmatched brand power in order to grow its accolade licensing revenue.


Following an analysis of the program, industry, and brand, YGS met with PEOPLE licensing contacts as well as editorial and marketing staff to lay the groundwork, brainstorm ideas, and share best practices. Out of all this, the Beauty Awards program was born. Working to ensure a collaborative approach, YGS executed a strategic marketing campaign that enabled us to grow the PEOPLE Beauty Awards and launch the Companies That Care accolade program with impressive results.

173% Increase

YGS successfully showed three-year growth for the PEOPLE Beauty Awards

36% Close Ratio

PEOPLE Beauty Awards had a 36% close ratio; Companies That Care had a 26% close ratio

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