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New Partnership Announced

By Cambria Bailey | July 10, 2024

The Irrigation Association Partners with YGS Association Solutions to Boost Non-Dues Revenue and Streamline Processes

The Irrigation Association (IA) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with YGS Association Solutions (YGS) aimed at enhancing non-dues revenue through innovative media sales initiatives. This collaboration brings together the IA’s industry expertise with YGS’s comprehensive marketing, sales, and technical capabilities to create new growth opportunities for the association.

Under this partnership, YGS will manage and execute media sales efforts for the IA, leveraging their extensive experience in association sales and marketing to attract high-quality advertisers and sponsors. This initiative is expected to increase the association’s financial sustainability, allowing the association to further invest in valuable programs and services for its members.

“We were looking for a business partner that could provide a consultative sales approach for our advertisers and help implement new revenue streams for the IA,” said Natasha Rankin, CEO of the Irrigation Association. “What drew us to YGS was their commitment to work in strong collaboration with the IA, while providing more robust processes, tools and business rules that better support the needs of the IA and our advertisers every step of the way.”

“We are thrilled to work with the IA to expand their media sales efforts and streamline processes,” said Carmen Lamb, Vice President of YGS. “Our team is dedicated to driving growth and providing the IA advertisers and internal team with the tools they need to be successful.”

This partnership is set to commence immediately, with YGS focusing on developing targeted media sales campaigns that align with the IA’s goals and values. The collaboration promises to enhance the association’s ability to deliver top-tier industry information and resources, ensuring continued value and engagement for its members.

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