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Programmatic Advertising

Shift your digital presence into high gear with targeted advertising. Through advanced ad criteria such as location, behavior, demographics, and content—we can reach the right audience at the right time.

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Retargeting Your Association Webpage Visitors

Retargeting is a type of digital advertising that enables you to create highly targeted ad campaigns that reach your website visitors after they leave your website. Our association partners typically use this technology to promote event registration, membership, and advertising opportunities.

Geofencing Around Association Events

Geofencing is mobile marketing taken to the next level. This form of advertising allows a perimeter to be set up around any location, including your own association event or competing industry events, triggering the collection of a cellphone IP address when an attendee enters the defined location. This hyper-targeted, location-based advertising allows you to capture the attention of attendees during and after the event.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing can be an effective aspect of a membership growth strategy; however, simply being present on social media platforms is typically not enough. To truly harness the potential, many associations are utilizing advertising campaigns that engage targeted audiences with relevant content. Reach an audience that has already shown interest in your association or those that share an interest with your current members.

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