A Diversified yet Cohesive Content Strategy 


When YGS Association Solutions was awarded the business of rearchitecting and redesigning NAESP’s Principal magazine, an award-winning publication for K–8 principals, we saw a unique opportunity. In cooperation with key players at the association, YGS developed a brand-new section of the magazine titled “APs Rising”—a recurring column specifically geared toward assistant principals. We took that novel idea a step further when we introduced the APs Rising enewsletter, a digital supplement to Principal magazine through which more original and engaging content for assistant principals—including video—could be explored by NAESP members.


With the help of a foundation sponsoring the endeavor, NAESP was looking for new ways to target the assistant principal sector of its membership and bring cohesiveness across the association’s print and digital communication channels. The association also wished to explore innovative content offerings and a different means of engagement for its audience. 


YGS Association Solutions decided on a varied approach to content created for assistant principals, using vehicles such as a column in the print magazine, “snackable” articles that were exclusive to the newly developed APs Rising enewsletter, and short videos to further explore concepts in a visually stimulating and accessible way while increasing click rates. Each content offering shares similar design elements so readers instantly recognize what they’re about to dive into, and each piece of content points members to the others, feeding engagement symbiotically. 

I absolutely love it. … It has a clean look and feel. It did not feel like information overload and it was not busy. I played the video over and over like a kid— loved it—loved the articles and the focus on literacy (my favorite topic). Nice job! It gets better and better.

An Assistant Principal

When developing new content, we consider how it fits within an overarching member communication program.

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