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MAP: 10 Marketing Automation Questions Answered

By ygsadmin | November 30, 2018

Automation is becoming exponentially more prominent in today’s fast-paced marketing world. Basically, marketing automation is a set of technological tools utilized to manage multichannel and multifunctional marketing processes and campaigns. This often includes automating repetitive tasks or workflows that are designed to reduce human error and boost efficiency—and lead to increased revenue.
The YGS Group is no stranger to this here-to-stay phenomenon, and its MAP solution takes marketing automation to the next level. The simple explanation above does not begin to detail the capabilities and benefits MAP offers. So, let’s break this down by answering some questions.

  1. What is MAP?

To put it simply, MAP stands for marketing automation portal. It’s The YGS Group’s web-to-print solution for the development and deployment of marketing communications materials. Think of it as made-to-order marketing.

  1. What kind of businesses is MAP best suited for?

Any business that wants to boost their bottom line by making their marketing more efficient.
That includes businesses that want to better manage their marketing budget, corporations that want to increase efficiencies and control their brand, and companies that want to keep better track of their marketing inventory.

  1. What marketing materials can be deployed?

The most popular item is stationery—but that’s just scratching the surface. MAP can be used to produce business cards, mailers, flyers, brochures and any other collateral you could dream of, including billboards!

  1. How can users stay within their budgets?

Specific budgets can be set up and monitored for each office or department, and managers can control those budgets—as well as product offerings and approvals. With a streamlined and centralized process, users can more effectively allocate financial resources and track spending.

  1. What separates MAP from other marketing automation offerings?

Efficiency. It’s one central, password-protected location that teams can access from anywhere. With templates tailored to each customer’s needs, team members can easily select and insert data needed for each piece of collateral. Materials are offered in both print and electronic formats.

  1. Can those materials be branded?

Yes, and we understand the importance of that. Pre-established design templates with customer branding rules in place allow for ultimate brand consistency. Any changes or updates to a brand are centrally controlled, ensuring timely, legally compliant collateral and securing a time-to-market competitive edge.

  1. What kind of customization options are available?

Sites are customized to each user, allowing for a variable look and feel. From any location, users can personalize marketing materials to match their specific audiences. Through the use of variable data printing, that personalization extends to location information, mailing addresses, custom copy, choice of available brand mark and more.

  1. How can users keep track of all of this?

All collateral, campaign materials and related digital assets are all built into the offering, making it super easy to access and track activity, format selections, ordering frequency, volume and average spend.

  1. What kind of human support is available?

YGS has unmatched in-house MAP and technology solutions teams, dedicated specifically to making your experience as painless as possible. Starting at the initial demo, continuing through development and at any roadblock, these people are there for you and your team whenever you need them.

  1. How can marketing professionals request a demo?

Amy LaPorte, PMO director, is our go-to expert on all things MAP. She can guide you through how to best utilize this solution for your business. Contact Amy today to learn more about how YGS can MAP your marketing journey.
Amy LaPorte
PMO Director

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