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Taking the Pulse of Your Membership

By Ashley Reid | March 29, 2020

In this rapidly changing landscape, it can be tough to decipher the best course of action when it comes to learning about the needs of your members and how to address them in a timely and efficient manner. Consider the following: 

  1. Stay informed. Keep up with developments as they unfold by checking reputable news sources. You can also use aggregators such as Google News or Flipboard. The CDC also has a list of updates that is refreshed frequently, in addition to guidance for businesses and employers
  2. Create a survey. Five-minute surveys are a great way for your members to share their input so you are in the best position to provide them with assistance during their time of need. Use tools such as or Google Forms to get started. 
  3. Communicate and make yourself available. Regular communication with your members during times of uncertainty is crucial. Use publications, email blasts, social media, webinars, or phone calls to assure them that you’re here and you’re ready to listen. 
  4. Form a united front. Strongly encourage your members to reach out to their government representatives for aid and provide them with all the tools to do so with minimal effort. Consider making a template similar to the one the American Bus Association has created for its members. Information on how to contact elected officials can easily be found on Reassure members that you are fighting for them, but you are always stronger together. 
  5. Get some press. Both you and especially your members should be reaching out to local news organizations and other media outlets to share the story about your industry, their businesses, their employees, and their impact on the community as a whole. The more voices that are being heard, the easier the fight for support.  

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