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Gain More Time by Using Association Management Software

By Rachel Markey | October 19, 2020

Between renewals, payments, member updates, event registrations, postings, and other administrative work, you may struggle to find time for essential matters. As a result, member engagement, communications, fundraising, and growth get left behind.

If you are juggling multiple spreadsheets and email lists, it’s possibly time to consider association management software (AMS). With many options available, picking the right AMS can be overwhelming. So let’s start with some basics.

What is association management software?

AMS is software that combines your activities onto a single platform. Member information, communications, event management, finances, and reports are all in one place, making it easier to run your association using centralized data. With your membership data in an AMS, updates are quicker and easier, and your information is up to date and accurate.

Why is association management software important?

Communication tools are part of most association management software, and since the member data is in the same place, you don’t need to upload email lists or struggle with additional bulk sending platforms. This frees up time to focus more efforts on messaging content,  getting reports of open rates, fixing undeliverable addresses, and assessing click-through data when you include links to your content.

With accurate data comes the ability for in-depth reporting to your members, your management, and your board. An AMS enables reporting to happen much more efficiently, no longer requiring you to compile data from multiple systems and spreadsheets. Instead, the data within your AMS empowers you to provide the information to the people who need it, so decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

Most AMS includes a self-service portal for members to update their own information, so email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses are up to date without you having to take a call, jot it down, and update it later. Self-service portals also keep your members engaged with self-registration for events or services, freeing you up to focus on other endeavors.

How to select association management software?

There are many effective AMS platforms available, with a vast range of prices and capabilities, so choosing the right one can be a challenge. You need to think about which one fits your association best in terms of features and price. Most solutions come with a 30-day free trial, which can enable you to take it for a test drive with no commitment.

We are here to help you assess the platform that meets your needs and budget, and can assist you in negotiation, execution, and roll out. 

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