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Case Study: Transporting Content From Print to Digital

By Samuel Hoffmeister | December 11, 2023

The American Public Transportation Association, a longtime YGS client, recently looked to its trusted partner to help the association transition its Passenger Transport publication from a twice-monthly print publication to a dynamic digital content solution.

The decision by APTA to go digital led to the creation of a brand-new site, offering streamlined content management and advertising opportunities abound.


APTA was looking to take Passenger Transport digital in a way that benefited members and advertisers alike, as well as streamline the publication and easily manage it, all while reducing production costs to stay within their planned budget.

YGS Association Solutions was ready to handle the challenge and hit the ground running, aiming to answer the key question: How can APTA deliver the best possible content experience for its audience and be duly prepared as it heads into the future?


Following a series of collaborative, strategy-focused discussions, YGS worked with APTA to determine a course of action that would move Passenger Transport into the digital forefront of the public transportation industry.

Through the development of a new branded content center,—which included full-service design and web development from the ground up—the association is now efficiently delivering more up-to-the-moment content and advertising opportunities, without sacrificing the effectiveness the print version had. In addition, the YGS team also took on the site’s initial content population and trained APTA staff to do it themselves moving forward. The easy-to-use content management system puts the APTA staff in control, as YGS remains available to support APTA’s needs at the drop of a hat.

“I want to highly recommend the team at YGS Association Solutions,” said Kathy Golden, Passenger Transport editor at APTA. “YGS pulled together experts in various subject matters to help with design, flow, suggestions, technical support, and overall development. They were a pleasure to work with, met every deadline (and a few were tight), and produced a stellar final product. We are so pleased with our new site and have had much positive feedback from our members. I would use them again and again for other projects!”

One final note: Although APTA has moved away from regularly printing Passenger Transport, it will continue to print one publication per year surrounding its annual conference, maximizing its content strategy to always meet members where they are.

Is your association looking to evolve its content strategy in 2024? Let’s get you to your destination together.

Read the case study here.

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