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7 Reasons Associations Need Internal Newsletters

By Rachel Markey | October 14, 2022

When it comes to communication, YGS Association Solutions believes in the benefits of internal and external newsletters. This is why we are proud to produce and distribute a print and digital version of YGS Connect internally to keep our own associates updated on the evolution of YGS, and Association Connect e-newsletters to relay expert insights to help external associations grow.

In this two-part series, we will examine internal and external newsletters and their ability to empower your association to grow through connections with staff and members and prospects. Let’s look inward before we look outward.

What’s the Purpose of an Internal Association Newsletter?

In addition to informing employees about the latest association updates, an internal newsletter can be a fun way of sharing, explaining, and reinforcing your association culture. While internal newsletters require time and resources and some might argue they don’t offer enough ROI, this content can help shape team spirit in the workplace. If done properly, an internal association newsletter directed at the entire association becomes a gathering place around which everyone can come together with trust. And according to Retrospectively, Inc., employee productivity increases anywhere from 20% to 25% when employees feel connected to the organization. You know the importance of getting the word out there to members and prospects, and now you know it’s just as important for your association to spread the word internally because doing so can help keep employee engagement and communication levels high. 

7 Benefits of an Internal Association Newsletter

1. Increase employee engagement

Staying informed motivates involvement. When your staff knows what is going on with the association, they will be more willing to help with external marketing among their own friends and family members. 

2. Build trust

Transparency between executives and employees is fundamental to your association’s success. The longer-form nature of newsletters naturally fosters more trust than social media, and according to MarketingProfs, print is usually perceived as more trustworthy that video or audio—especially in younger generations. Your internal newsletter can be a vehicle for honest and open communication and thus a source of transparency and trust if it functions as a space to reflect on bumps in the road, share mistakes with your staff, and openly answer questions about internal operations.

3. Improve company culture

Chances are likely your staff chose to work with your association, in part, to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, and your internal newsletter can directly support this shared ethos. Internal newsletters can additionally foster good company culture by reinforcing positive attitudes and orienting everyone around shared goals. They’re also good for connecting people in multiple departments, preventing rumors, and breaking down cliques.

4. Relay important information in an interesting format

Whether you print, post, or email your newsletter, collecting all your stories in one place allows you to present them in the most interesting way possible. Take time to find images and get creative with layouts. Use games, quizzes, and other interactive elements to draw in readers. Employees will look forward to fun designs and content!

5. Create an archive for communications content

Consistently producing an internal newsletter generates a built-in archive for the content of your internal communications. From the onset, your internal newsletter provides your association with an accessible, searchable source of internal information.

6. Spread joy and promote wellness

It’s difficult to post an interactive crossword puzzle on social media, and it’s not general practice to send random emails containing pictures of workers’ families and pets. But putting these things in a newsletter alongside all the official information is easy and relays that having a little downtime is valuable to one’s well-being.

7. Celebrate association and employee achievements

People perform better when they know they are appreciated. Showcasing workers’ accomplishments and team achievements in the association newsletter is a great benefit of this form of internal communication. 


There’s no denying the advantages of an effective internal newsletter. A well-crafted internal newsletter can help improve the performance of your staff and motivate employees to be happy about what they do. And the key to achieving member happiness and growth is to focus on employee happiness first. Stay tuned for part two of this series as we explore how incorporating external newsletters into your content strategy can help connect your association with more members and prospects.

Want to learn more about our internal newsletter or how YGS Association Solutions can help you improve your internal and external communication? Contact us today

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