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Case Study: A New Site for School Administrators

By Samuel Hoffmeister | February 26, 2024

The School Administrators Association of New York State, an association representing school leaders in the state, came to YGS Association Solutions to build a brand-new website, complete with professional learning, mentoring, and advocacy resources, and much more.


SAANYS was seeking an expert partner to transform its main online presence into a more user-friendly, modern website. The association had a ton of assets to move over to the new site, as well, requiring a thorough plan of action and an experienced team to carry the entire project through to a successful result.


Following a series of hands-on discovery sessions, YGS Association Solutions worked closely with the SAANYS team to determine the best process possible to ensure a smooth transition to the new site. From there, design concepting and development began, including considerations of efficient transfer of content and multimedia resources, of which SAANYS had dozens, mobile-friendliness, and effortless navigation.

The YGS team delivered the new site,, fulfilling all those needs—and then some. The website boasts a modern user experience and an easy-to-use content management system so SAANYS can seamlessly keep the site updated with all the information, communications, and resources its members need.

It takes a true partnership approach to make such outstanding work successful. Take it from SAANYS Director of Communications Michelle Hebert: “The YGS Association Solutions team has been terrific to work with—responsive, dependable, and tenacious in problem-solving challenging issues—just the support we needed.”

Is your association looking to deliver a stronger digital presence for members? We’ve got you.

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