Expanding Share of Voice to Boost Media Sales


Worldwide ERC® successfully partnered with YGS Association Solutions to generate print and digital media revenue for many years. But when digital inventory sold out, our analysis of the association’s website resulted in the creation of ad placements that advanced the association’s online advertising landscape—along with its mission. 


YGS Association Solutions successfully boosted media sales on behalf of Worldwide ERC® for years, but energized sales caused an exhaustion of digital inventory. Responding to the correlation between supply and demand, account managers and executives developed a breakthrough solution that would increase revenue for the premier association for talent management and global mobility knowledge, while also addressing requests from advertisers for greater share of voice opportunities. 


Aware that improving click-through rate is one of the best ways to generate more sales, YGS Association Solutions recommended adding super leaderboard and page curl ad units to worldwideerc.org. With the support of Worldwide ERC®, we created, helped implement, and sold the enhanced advertising opportunities on the association’s website. The larger size of the super leaderboard, which allows advertisers to fit additional messaging within their ad, was immediately secured by industry leader Quicken Loans as an annual commitment. Boasting a 7.24% click-through rate—more than double the industry average—this ad unit alone increased website revenue by 20% for the first year. 

Generating immediate interest, YGS secured an annual buy that increased website revenue by 20%.

Our account executives leverage market trends and translate them into strategic tactics that generate ad sales.

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