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YGS Customer Service: It's All Gravy

By ygsadmin | November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, with millions of people gathering with family and diving into the pit of shameless gluttony that is the turkey day feast. Another benefit of the holiday not often overlooked is the opportunity to leave work on the preceding Wednesday and not return to the office until the following Monday. At least, that’s how it works for most associates at The YGS Group.
During the five-day weekend, print operations run as if Thanksgiving week were any other, and hard at work are the people who put in the time to make sure orders are completed on schedule. But how are things moving to print without the other associates in the building? How are orders supposed to continue on time and finish cleanly? That’s where customer service comes in.
YGS Customer Service Representative (CSR) Ethel Dietzler says the fourth quarter, in general, is the busiest time of year. Add on top of that the holidays that fall within that quarter, and the challenges loom inevitable. “For customer service, and production overall, the holidays aren’t any different than the rest of the year,” Dietzler says. “Some clients may be out of their offices before Thanksgiving. … However, there are many who are not, and we do not lack work this time of year.”
Because of the increased workload, no two CSRs are allowed to take weeklong vacations at the same time. Dietzler knows this is needed to keep things moving for clients: “This is necessary to give our clients the service they’ve come to expect, and keep the work moving,” Dietzler says. “If one of us is on vacation, our work must still be processed efficiently and on time.”
Amber Nalls, another veteran CSR at YGS, agrees. She, like all effective CSRs, makes sure she is on the same page with clients, as well. “Reduction in manpower can significantly alter production schedules,” Nalls says. “Review those projects with your customer and production leads to have all items buttoned up prior to vacations.”
Preparation and communication to the covering representative are also key when one of the them is out. Nalls stresses that importance, too: “In leaving notes for a covering CSR, you could neglect to leave a vital instruction, resulting in a missed schedule or incorrect finishing of a product.”
Dietzler adds that it goes beyond just the covering CSRs. “Not discussing a project that may require special print or finishing with the production and manufacturing staff could be disastrous,” she says. “Reviewing the job before it’s processed for proofs and making a plan are the best ways to approach the project and the only ways to guarantee a great outcome.”
That’s the attitude all CSRs at YGS need to have, and surely, they do. It can undoubtedly be stressful at times, particularly during large holiday breaks, such as Thanksgiving. But when it’s all said and done and 2018’s knocking on the door, you know the CSRs at YGS will have made it all work with as few bumps in the road as possible. So, while most of us will be bearing food babies and napping away the turkey, stuffing, and pie, be thankful that YGS CSRs are there to make it all gravy for you.

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