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By ygsadmin | July 2, 2019

To engage secondary school principals, we produce Principal Leadership and Advise magazines in their entirety, including content, media sales, design, printing, and distribution. That’s in addition to managing the exhibit and sponsorship program for NASSP’s National Principals Conference.


Beyond the end-to-end development of Principal Leadership and Advise, YGS manages the association’s media and event sales. To support both NASSP and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (another YGS client), YGS was tasked with developing the joint National Principals Conference and its exhibit and sponsorship program.


Upon finding an agreeable structure for both associations for exhibit booth pricing, YGS developed the sponsorship program based on past sales history, while considering long-standing event sponsors to ensure revenue opportunities remained. Through managing the floorplan, aiding exhibitors in selecting booth space, and providing complete back-end exhibitor and sponsor support, booth personnel registration, and exhibitor enewsletter development, sales came in above preset budgets by 136% and exceeded the total budget prior to the event.

136% Increase

YGS placed 136% over its preset budget for both exhibit and sponsorship sales

“Our partnership with YGS has been very beneficial in serving the needs of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Working with YGS on content, design, print, and media sales has helped streamline the development of the association’s two magazines, and it is a collaborative effort to ensure the success of the important messaging to our education audience that is distributed via the publications.”

⁠—Jennifer Jones, Account Strategist and Director of Communications, mdg

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