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Case Study: Podcasting the Promise of Postsecondary Value

By Samuel Hoffmeister | July 24, 2023

As the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and its Presidential Postsecondary Value Commission Task Force continue their push to foster a more just, equitable society in the United States, its member communications are right in line with its messaging—a cohesive approach that goes beyond typical member engagement.

Part of the association’s efforts is a new podcast, aptly named Telling Our Story, the namesake of its member resource site. In just a month since going live with the podcast’s first episode, AASCU is seeing strong listenership, supported by various other communications to help the association’s message resonate.


With a little help from some grant funding and a swath of stories to tell from higher education institutions around the United States, YGS Association Solutions created the AASCU Telling Our Story resource site, containing several communications that help the association and its members spread the word about the value of postsecondary education. Among the downloadable, shareable, and easy-to-use resources is a growing collection of “Promising Practices” articles, which tell the stories of state colleges and universities taking action to combat social inequities at their institutions—from workforce development programs to high school-level college credit programs, among many other initiatives.

Because those Promising Practices are so compelling, AASCU saw an opportunity to bring those stories to life in the form of a podcast, looking to its trusty friends at YGS to collaborate and make it happen.


Following a comprehensive evaluation of the how, AASCU and YGS worked together to develop the podcast’s vision, format, script, guest list, and process. Using a remote recording studio, some simple equipment, production and post-production know-how, and tons of valuable input across both teams, YGS delivered across multiple platforms—including the resource site, which now has a dedicated page for the podcast—episode one, which included appearances from some of AASCU’s key personalities and stakeholders.

After some thoughtful promotion, within day one of launch, the episode started to see exceptional engagement—nearly 100 downloads. Over the course of the next two weeks, nearly 100 more, reaching listeners throughout the U.S. (and even a few internationally) across multiple streaming platforms and devices.

As this episode gains greater traction, AASCU and YGS are working on continuing the podcast series, which will help to communicate the mission of AASCU’s Postsecondary Value Commission Task Force further and wider. Future episodes will bring in university presidents, provosts, administrators, students, graduates, and many other personalities who have driven successful programs and been positively impacted by the work of AASCU member institutions.

Power in Partnership

Because of the outstanding work YGS completed on the Telling Our Story resource site—and the trusting relationship built between both organizations—AASCU confidently chose to stick with those who knew the association’s voice, mission, and goals to help produce its podcast. And just as the message of the Telling Our Story resources, articles, and podcast remains united, so do AASCU and YGS as this work marches powerfully forward.

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