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YGS Sponsorship Experts Launch New Event Opportunities

By Laura Gaenzle | October 30, 2023

True to a track record positioned at the forefront of sponsorship strategies, YGS sponsorship and event management experts launched a range of exciting event opportunities at the 2023 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition.

These new opportunities offered promising collaborations for event organizers and sponsors. They also showcased our expertise and commitment to advancing event marketing.

Our White-Glove, Collaborative Approach

YGS event experts develop, plan, and execute new and existing sponsorship opportunities for NCTM. But that’s not all! We also manage everything from set up to tear down in the exhibit hall.

Working With Great Care As an Extension of NCTM’s Team

Streamlining communication for exhibitors and sponsors through one team affords our clients the time and space needed to ensure that the educational sessions and overall attendee experience run smoothly and exceed expectations.

YGS onsite event management starts with booth setup. YGS event managers ensure a smooth move-in process for exhibiting organizations by maintaining open communications between show decorators, registration, the association, and exhibitors.
YGS event managers work with exhibitors and contracted shipping partners to ensure materials are delivered promptly. If crates or booth items are missing, YGS works with the association, convention center, and shipping partners to gather feedback and help exhibitors track materials.

Working with the association and convention center, YGS event managers and account executives place bar service areas throughout the exhibit hall to encourage optimal traffic flow and ensure a successfully executed sponsorship of the Welcome Reception.
Association and YGS event management staff debrief convention center catering staff to ensure hired team members know who the sponsor of the event is, what drink tickets look like, and how many drinks to hand out per ticket.
After our event experts spent nearly a year in planning meetings and discussions with NCTM, the sponsor (The Math Learning Center), and convention center staff, the Welcome Reception opens to kick off the 2023 NCTM Annual Meeting.
Lines form for bar service near the sponsoring organization’s booth. As part of the sponsorship package aimed to generate leads and increase conference presence, the sponsor—The Math Learning Center—created and handed out 750 branded drink tickets valid for one complimentary beverage during the Welcome Reception.
Attendees enjoy the Welcome Reception as the 2023 NCTM Annual Meeting gets underway.
After months of sales calls, planning meetings, and menu selection, the first drinks are poured at the Inaugural Welcome Reception at the NCTM 2023 Annual Meeting.
Bar service for attendees continues as the sponsored Welcome Reception kicks off the NCTM 2023 Annual Meeting.
Non-sponsoring vendors take advantage of increased exhibit hall traffic during the sponsored Welcome Reception. Vendors at the NCTM Annual Meeting are encouraged to lead demos, form connections, and utilize conference services like lead retrieval to track their metrics and increase ROI.

Gain a Team of Event Professionals

The events landscape is ever-changing. Let’s connect to explore new event opportunities.

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