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A Marvel-ous Approach to Lead Generation  

By Carmen Lamb | April 10, 2024

When you ask advertisers what they are looking for, the most common answer is lead generation opportunities that they can quantify. This is why event revenue is typically strong for an association—companies can measure the ROI from exhibiting by the number of business cards or leads they gain from conversations with attendees.  

Lead generation for advertisers can take a variety of forms, but the end goal is to provide the advertiser with a list of your members that have interest in their product or service. These companies want to be positioned as thought leaders that provide solutions to the problems your members are facing.  

Lead Marvels, a marketing automation platform that powers online resource libraries for associations, unlocks recurring, non-dues revenue streams while adding value to your members. Companies that have industry-specific sponsored content, such as case studies, white papers, webinars, and research guides, buy units of leads that come from members and other people providing their contact information to access the content.  

YGS Association Solutions and Lead Marvels work together in partnering with several associations.  

Lead Marvels in Motion 

One of our association partners, The American Public Transportation Association (APTA), utilizes this platform for its Knowledge Hub. Lead Marvels develops and hosts the resource library on APTA’s website, and the YGS sales team includes the sponsored content opportunities in a bundled package that often includes other print and digital advertising opportunities the association offers. This provides advertisers with an integrated marketing solution that mixes brand awareness throughout the year with measurable lead generation. With this approach, members gain access to a wealth of knowledge from industry thought leaders, and advertisers get those coveted leads—it’s a win-win.  

Beyond Leads 

The benefits of the Lead Marvels solution go beyond driving non-dues revenue for your association. The platform’s back end has dashboards and detailed analyses that show what content and topics are most popular among readers. This information will prove incredibly valuable when the association is developing its own content strategy. Knowing the industry topics that resonate most with members provides valuable insights for shaping webinar offerings, magazine content, enewsletter articles, and more. Meeting members where they are is key, and seeing firsthand the content they actively seek out will be instrumental in that endeavor.  

Ready to take our partnership with Lead Marvels for a spin? Contact us!  

Carmen Lamb is the senior vice president of YGS Association Solutions. 

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