From Publication to Podcast


Realizing the potential to expand on Finseca Focus magazine’s Passion for Life Q&A section, which shares stories of financial security professionals and the client whose lives they impact, we created a podcast series that has since turned into a compelling monthly podcast with proven engagement


YGS Association Solutions was looking for ways to expand on Finseca Focus’ already compelling Q&A section, Passion for Life, with the aim to engage members in a more modern, accessible, digestible way. We considered several content solutions and ultimately landed on podcasting, which would provide an emotional, human element to further Finseca’s reach to an evolving audience.


We created the Passion for Life podcast series, which dives deeper into the stories of financial security professionals and the clients they help. By facilitating production—from writing questions and recording candid interviews with guests to adding voiceovers and editing and refining audio—we successfully brought these stories to life, providing Finseca members with 15- to 20-minute podcast episodes that capture real emotion from both guests and the host. The first three episodes made up a series that expanded on the printed Q&A with the same subjects, but the podcast has since evolved into an ongoing monthly content offering that has increased in listenership since its launch.

The Passion for Life podcast has increased in listenership each episode since its launch.

We can expand your existing content—and find new ways to deliver it—to engage your evolving membership.

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